Why did I create this site?

Over The past few months I have starting posting "vlog" style videos online on music or anything for the matter.  I've also had a couple different music blogs over the  years.  So, I decided to upload a video on the day TKOL1 was released with the 4 or so clues I had come across on the possibility of there being an additional release to TKOL1.  I also want to say that I was in no way disappointed with The King Of Limbs album, it just seemed a little incomplete to me after listening.  It definitely did not seem to fit the revolutionary release method, which we had heard about in Thom's interview from 2009.  I know that you also can not judge and album by the number of songs or the length.  Look at Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", and "Animals" as an example.

As I started looking further into TKOL, I kept finding more and more information and started posting it on my main blog: http://metospeak.blogspot.com/.  Then I registered at Green Plastic and At Ease, and there was so much information becoming available, so I decided to put it all in one spot.  It was nearly impossible to keep up with otherwise, and I was already getting a lot of information from various social media sites.  It seems to grow  bigger and bigger every day.  The positive feedback I have received has been overwhelming, and I am very thankful that so many people are as interest in this as I am.  I also, think this page will be something that people will be able to read years from now and still find it fascinating.

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