Thursday, February 24, 2011

9 Reasons why I think there will be a Part 2

Here are the top 9 reasons why I think there will be a Part 2, or possibly even more than that for "The King Of Limbs", these are in no specific order. I am 99% sure that there will be at least a Part 2 for this album.

1. Thom Yorke interview on new "revolutionary" release strategy. You can read more on this at the very bottom of the site.(#6)

2. The band have been 100% silent since the message Ed sent out on 2-18-2011 on the band's website, saying to go ahead and download the album. He also made the Full-Moon reference. And with all the rumors about a Part 2 (TKOL2) they would have denied these rumors by now. (#10)

3. Chieftan Mews! He has been giving us clues before and after the album was announced and released. He was also confirmed to be real by Stanley Donwood in an interview on 2-23-2011. (#12)

4. The picture with 4 of the band members holding out their arms (limbs), also look at the Prediction and Speculation Greek theory at the bottom of the page. I know there is a message in this photo, just not 100% yet. It could mean Colin is the base and there will be 4 limbs. (#17)

5. The sixth song is titles "Codex", which means tree trunk in Latin. The first 8 songs are the "tree trunk", or base. I think this also adds to #4 above. (#21)

6. The fact that you will have the option to upgrade to the "Newspaper" edition. What would make people want to upgrade, unless you found out there was going to something else included in the "Newspaper" edition. The band has had several years to plan the release of this album, this one seems quite obvious to me. (#20)

7. The man named "Leo", that seemed to think the song "The Present Tense" would have been included in the initial release. Oddly enough Thom Yorke follows him on twitter.(#7)

8. The tweet Radiohead sent out themselves from their account "渋谷 ハチ公広場 金曜日 18時59分". This translates to "Hachiko Square Shibuya, 59 minutes at 18 Friday." No explanation was given, but I think the "Lotus Flower" video was supposed to premier there. This just adds to the speculation, with all of these hidden and cryptic messages and anagrams. (This has since been deleted from their account). Chieftan Mews also referenced this in (#12).

9. XL Recordings the band's record label has a story on its website from NME about there being a Part 2. I can't imagine a record label posting a rumor on their website if they didn't know there is a good chance that it could be true.(#27)

The only thing I am not certain on is when we will see the next release. The moon theory seems to be make a lot of sense with the Full Moon reference on the first release.

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  1. I think Chieftan Mews is an anagram for something...

    So far I've come up with

    News Thief Cam

    Scheme Win Fat

    H Swift Menace

    I know none of these is probably right, but it's gotta be an anagram for something...

  2. Chieftan Mews was in the Radiohead film "The most gigantic lying mouth of all time", so I am not sure.

  3. My theory is that Chieftan Mews is anagram for "Chews Fat In Me" or something close to that which would fit for a number of reasons:

    He is the spokesperson for The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time. Mouth.

    To Chew Fat means to gossip, which would be appropriate for the hints that Chieftan Mews has been giving us.

    He seems to be in on the "joke." I think he's an online personality created by the band as a way to throw out hints about what's happening...

    Any takers?

  4. I also think he is an online personality put in place by the band

  5. When you download the album, it comes with a copy of the album art. If you notice, this pic is 5MB which is 5 times larger than a regular jpeg of those same dimensions. What you didn't know, is that you can 'hide' files inside of images! This would include songs mp3 files! 'Hiding' a single mp3 file inside this image would cause it to be 5 times larger. The only problem is that I can't extract it for one reason or another. I'm 95% sure it's in there though. If anyone figures this out, email me at stjohn[dot]brandon[at]att[dot]net

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  7. we need to find someone REALLY savvy on the computer. Maybe I can find someone on youtube that gives computer tutorials of some type?

  8. now has a listing for The King of Limbs. Not only that, it has a listing for the vinyl format. The product details for the vinyl format lists that there is only one disc.

    Product Details

    * Vinyl (March 29, 2011)
    * Number of Discs: 1

    I wonder if that confirms that all 8 songs fit onto one vinyl. So why then does the newspaper album come with two? Or I guess it's possible that amazon made an error.

  9. I think stjohnbs is right.

    Remember the post on twitter by Chieftan Mews: "I'm hidden in your 8-track"

    5 MB are too much for a jpeg that could be about 80 or 100 Kb.
    I also think that could be something hidden in the folder too. More than 80 MB for 37 minutes of music with 320 Kbps of bitrate is larger than usual... Isn't it??

    I've found that on the web:

    Anyway, I think that all that story is brilliant even if it will finish in a big hoax!

  10. Michael, Amazon will often sale things before they receive them so its possible it could change. The new Foo Fighters album as been on there before there was a title, etc.

  11. Could it be in the WAV files that there are hidden tracks? I only bought the MP3 version. But With more room for info.... possibility?

  12. I have thought about that as well Picou. Some think there are hidden files in the artwork because it is a large file. Around 5MB or so...

  13. I bought the WAV version and have analyzed the WAV tracks. Nothing in there as far as I can tell

  14. It is very strange they haven't said anything since the release. Last time we were bombarded with awesome webcast on radioheadTV. I have a feeling something is cooking. Unless they are super busy putting the Newspaper albums together. Who knows....

  15. On Stanley Donwoods twitter.

    "i think im being shadowed by chieftan mews: ims menoo. more later.
    when i know"

    about 11 hours ago via web


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  17. Josh-

    Not sure if you will be able to see my twitter mention to you - wasn't sure how else to contact you. I found this interesting lead today. Go to the KOL artwork that was downloaded with the rest of the album and change the extension of the JPG to MP3. When you open it in quick look on a mac or even audacity - what you see is a 21 minute and 10 second sound file which you cannot listen to ... at least cannot listen to yet. Now I only ordered the MP3 version so it would make sense that it only responds to the extension MP3 and not WAV. If you happen to have ordered the WAV version - I would encourage you to check it out and change the extension to WAV to see if the same properties stay true. I am not %100 on this yet so if other people could try this to confirm my suspicions then that would be awesome!

  18. @boechsle
    Just did this and opened the file in Audacity. Weird! No nother jpg can do this. I'm slightly intrigued.

  19. @lorner96

    indeed! people have actually gone further with this theory - if the picture is opened with a program called photosounder which analyzes photos and turns it into sound files - then it seems to support the idea that there is a track buried in this file. the focus of the track is on the text in the artwork - so when all the other elements are taken out and the text is analyzed then what is heard from the program is a sort of bird-like chirping sound. going along with Mr. Magpie and other tweets that have alluded to the importance of birds - this makes complete sense.

  20. Check this out:

  21. I viewed the hex code of the photo and the associated ASCII code. In the ASCII code the letters 'kol' appear 3 times with corresponding hex code '6b 6f 6c'
    Nothing else is out of the ordinary within the hex code. Possible code change hints in chieften posts?? maybe.

  22. maybe there is no track into the jpg. but some kind of hint about ecology, as you said birds and etc.
    but what I wonder is, why they need to burn some kind of sound file into the jpg. if it is no 'visible' and people can not listen to it.
    to be sincere, my first impression after hearing "separator" was the band was going to break up. and the track meant to seperate members of the band. and thom's lyrics " Finally I'm free of all the weight I've been carrying" fit to this theory very well. and interview where thom said that they are not going to make the big albums anymore fit well too.
    but now I everyday check "deadairspace" and other fan-sites to read the some kind of interview with band members. when in rainbows was released, there were dozen interviews, webcasts, tour dates, competitions for videos and remixes. now there is nothing.
    in fact, I'll not be surprised if radiohead keeps quiet and doesn't say a thing about this rumours just because they feel they mustn't. radiohead never does a thing they think they have not to. but they always respected their fans.
    so, i don;t know what to think.
    sorry for my English and thanks for this amazing work. I can not donate sorry.

  23. Tips to clean this up.
    You should rewrite, or at least edit, points 30 and 31. It made little sense to me - especially with point 31, as I wasn't able to look at the latest Aporia status update. Otherwise great work mate!

  24. Thanks Paul. I will do so today.

  25. Regarding your blog...
    It's called "Speak to me//me to speak".
    Reminds me of some Pink Floyd song. So that the Song Lotus Flower included the words "Empty Spaces" (A PF song with a reversed message) I reversed the song.

    You can hear the words "Is this the end of an invitated king? If this is it, you're reversing, answer of the prove in all of these love songs".
    Now isn't that suspicious?

  26. That's a good observation Sambec. I did get the name Me To Speak from the PF song, Speak To Me was already taken..

  27. Guys, guys, guys, hidden in the jpg is an InDesign thumbnail of the album artwork. This was discovered last night.

    Basically, find "/9j" and "kp/9k" in the file. They are the beginning and end of the resulting jpg.

    Then, open up notepad, and type the following, and save the code where indicated (linked in image since blogspot was choking on the html tags):

    Save it, change extension from txt to html, open in your browser. Congratulations. You are now seeing the thumbnail for yourself.

  28. Thanks, Ted. I have it added to the list as #32

  29. "9. XL Recordings the band's record label has a story on its website from NME about there being a Part 2. I can't imagine a record label posting a rumor on their website if they didn't know there is a good chance that it could be true.(#27)"

    they just import feeds from magazines talking about radiohead, probably doesn't mean a thing.

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  31. There's another aporia comment buried on the comments page at Ateaseweb in the conspiracy theory thread:

    "steam lost, fallen cliffs. ims menoo, the queen’s arise. in the forest, ye ides."

  32. hi josh ......congratulations for the work you have done.... i was watching the lotus flower video and i realized that there is a image that is out of context with all the video, it looks like a picture and two draws within that appears thru all the video behind thom dancing, i don't konw if it has a meaning or is only my imagination...maybe could be a clue or maybe is nothing, i don't know if you noticed but is the only thing that it's noy supossed to be in the scenography, or the only thing different,at least for me...and i'm sorry for my english too

  33. I don't know if any of you have thought of this, but it just struck me! "No Mews is good news" OR "No new is good news". Maybe we should get it literally? Like, there are no news from Radiohead recently, so it's... good? Just a thought.

  34. just a guess, but i'm thinking the artwork in the newspaper version may have qr codes on it you can scan with a phone or webcam to download more material

  35. Hey see if you think this is anything...

    Look at the cover art. Bottom right corner. The green ghost is holding what looks to be a playing card...

    Queen perhaps?

  36. Ok, he's definitely holding The Queen of Diamonds. I just opened it in photoshop and magnified it and stepped back from my computer and you can see clearly that The Green Ghost is holding The Queen of Diamonds

  37. "Ok, he's definitely holding The Queen of Diamonds. I just opened it in photoshop and magnified it and stepped back from my computer and you can see clearly that The Green Ghost is holding The Queen of Diamonds"

    That's rubbish.

  38. Sorry you think so. I really believe that he his holding a Queen of some kind... maybe "definitely" was too strong a word, but look for yourself man...

  39. I did look, and felt foolish doing so. But I apologize for being harsh. Hey! In this case, maybe you are right. Anything is possible at this point.

  40. Dude, I understand that you think I'm reaching here. But PLEASE, look again. I'm 99% convinced that what I'm seeing is not a figment of my delusional imagination...

  41. Hey Michael, is there anyway you can send me a link to the picture? Send it to my twitter.

  42. Man, I'm so technologically impaired. what's your twitter address? I'll try...

  43. How about I just send it to your e-mail? What's your address?

  44. can you just leave it as a link here? This is my twitter


    This guy is talking about the WAV files for TKOL being abnormal in various ways, e.g. it contains some "JUNK" files in it. He discusses this in some detail and it sounds relevant, considering all the interest in the possibility of files being hidden in TKOL.


  47. I sent you an e-mail Michael. Can you get a larger image than that?

  48. not for a while, i'm at work now. if you hit cntrl+ you can magnify it and see it more clearly

  49. Thanks Michael! Nice find. I erased your comment with you email on just so you dont get spammed, etc.


  51. I have a couple questions that I hope someone will be able to answer...

    What exactly is that sound at the end of Codex? It doesn't sound like birds to me. It sounds like a tape recording being erased or played backwards. Any idea?

    To me, it looks like the background painting on the Radiohead twitter account is of a woman blindfolded and gaged with her arms tied behind her. It's on the left bottom side of the page. There is a torn half heart behind her and a superimposed face of a man on top of her face. Do you think it's Thom's face in the painting? What does it mean? Is it suppose to be little red riding hood?

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  53. Looking at the photo of radiohead standing in the woods the path on the right almost looks photo shopped in to me. If you notice two members are pointing at us and one is pointing towards the path. The end of the "tunnel" of trees zoomed in it almost looks cropped in.

    You can see the end of his fingers (zoomed in again) are touching a light object which looks like a cross. Next to that is a dark object that looks like a tree. Both of these are at the opening at the end of the path.

    "The queen is in the woods". Perhaps there are 2 albums: the king and queen, the white "cross" represents the queen and dark "tree" represents the king.

    I like the king(male) queen(female) idea. Male generally represents strength(heavy/dense), rhythm, darkness, and not so emotional. Female generally represents grace, melody, lightness, and emotional.

    My favorite theory is that Radiohead, reportedly in a time of large output, took these sessions and made 2 mixes of the material - the king and queen - with the associated characteristics. My first impression of tkol was that it sounded like a remix of whatever the original tracks were. Also much of the art around this release is different images which can be distinguished as themselves or together making a new whole.

    All in all its probably more realistic that tkol will stand on its own, maybe (hopefully) they'll release some more material but I wouldn't be let down otherwise. At the end of the day I like tkol for what it is, and this conspiracy theory quest is a pleasant distraction weather it leads to anything or not.

  54. I can't believe no one's talked about

    Go to that site to read the cryptic message:


    another article's teaser (test summary)

    this is my teaser

    this is my beautiful body

    as in, "back to"

    Click on About Us:

    Nothing to say about us at this time. Maybe later?

    There's also a calendar and search feature...

  55. Cool theories, I'm going to right now

  56. Just translated some clues.. "diamond snow=ice. Wall of ice= wall of eyes. It says "soon" in the same place as the radiohead site said "goodbye" when their site was manipulated, as talked about here. It's extremely curious that they are so similar. I believe the answer has been in front of our "eyes" all along. The clues referencing snow, and diamond snow, which hints at "ice" (frozen diamond like snow), and also the hints about "go to sleep", "sleeper agents" etc, as you cannot use your eyes when they are closed and sleeping. Also the album sounds like at the end, like thom just woke up from a dream. This all fits with the running theme of misspelled words (or missing letters within words) in the clues we are recieving. Wall of eyes...Sounds like the radiohead album we have been waiting for. We need someone to investigate this website asap, and look for any clues on its origin that we can. If im not mistaken, the majority of the letters that formed the wall of ice document (that was a part of "these are my twisted words") were letter I's (eyes). You should post this to your tkol2 site so we can get everyone on this asap!

  57. Has anyone seen the post from Chieftan Mews?

    "Do not beware ye Ides of March as all the footage shall disappear by then. My trail in the woods leads to a lost love letter. Written by me."

    Does that mean 15th of March?

  58. Sorry, it means the next full moon which is March 19th Saturday.


  60. StanleyDonwood Twitter:

    "who are zachariah wildwood and donald twain? its not clear yet. but the facts are emerging from the fog, from the woods"

  61. 18 Friday= Friday, March 18? Could be the release date for TKOL2.

  62. Also 59 minutes could be the running time of the album.

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  64. E, you can email me at

  65. Chieftan Mews changed his profile pic on twitter. It seems as if things are beginning to thaw.

  66. I already send you a message on youtube.

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  69. "I will find out who Zachariah Wildwood and Donald Twain are, and post it as soon as I find out more. I goggle both names and found nothing, so if you are familiar with these 2 let me know."

    I think i know who donald twain is
    Also look a the comment below from the user thekingoflimbs

    "March Snow Queen"
    Donald twain seems to be a performance artist. But why the comment on this specific video? And only that video?

    The comment seems to follow the clues everyones been finding and was just posted recently. Theres even a user that seems to respond to the comment wondering if they're stanley. So i'm not the only one speculating.

    Something else to note is that this account was created the day they announced the album. The account is private now and has no videos to view.
    But before it was private I watched the videos the week of the announcement.
    One of the videos the user thekingoflimbs posted included a track list. The track list was wrong, it included a few of the songs that were released but not all. It seemed more like a fans guess at the tracks of the album. But who would be that quick to do something that elaborate the day it was announced? But it did line up all the tracks on top of each other in a certain way and spelled out "sea scoundrlz"(may not have spelled it right) what ever that means! Maybe this account was supposed to deliberately throw us off.

    or this is some sort of publicity stunt for stanleys art and his friends art...which seems unlikely. I think he helped plan out this concept with the band and is orchestrating it.

    I hope this helps and makes sense!


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  71. From Stanley Donwood, very interesting....

    "I mentioned a large drawing I was doing a while ago, which is currently fixed to the wall of the Outsiders Gallery in London's merry district of Soho. Well, here it is, pictured above.
    It's made with graphite sticks and graphite powder, it's two metres wide and a metre and a half high, and it's called Drawn Out Woods. It's actually fixed to a wall covered with a wallpaper version of another, similar drawing, which might be a little confusing on this photograph. Well, the show's on until the 12th March, so if you're interested in seeing it for real you know what to do...
    In other news, I'm hoping, during my sudden absence (see below) from the Slowly Downward Manufactory premises, that work is commencing on a new screenprint. This will be a work taken from the yet-to-be-seen-by-anyone artwork for Radiohead's new record, The King Of Limbs. Entitled Divided Woods, it is (or will be) a screen printed version of one of the series of oil paintings that I and the Doktor produced during the recording of the aforementioned album.

    I'm currently in hiding in a strange city far from my usual haunts. Events caused by or connected to the production of artwork had become a sort of sticky web of entanglement.
    But now, from here, they seem less ensnaring, and my new project, possibly the most ambitious yet, is taking shape across the digital lines of communication. This new project will, if everything goes to plan, involve many major cities of the world.
    I feel a little like a Bond villain, hiding from the world in this hilltop fastness, with lists of capital cities taped to the walls of my lair, scrumpled versions of my plans littering the metal floor. I should think up a suitable codename for it, perhaps."

  72. Some food for thoughts...


    1) Jonny scored the OST for the movie "Norwegian Woods", based on the book by Haruki Murakami

    2) The book features (and is partly inspired by) the Beatles' song Norwegian Wood (The bird has flown)

    3) Now take a look at the 'Lotus Flower' video, around 3:43. If you look it up online everybody seems to agree that the line Thom sings is : "Take the lotus flowers into my room"

    ...but if you look closely - there's a convenient close up on Thom's face - you can watch his lips and listen a few times : I'm 150% convinced the correct line is "the bird has flown into my room". Not even a doubt about it. Don't take my word on it : check his other live videos where he plays solo.

    Could that bird be a meaningful symbol to look into? If so, I don't think I might go out on a limb pointing out that "Twitter" has a very big role to play in this "marketing stunt". Twitter, symbolized by a blue bird, is sort of like people flying into your room, don't you think?

    More here :